Happy Wednesday
This Side of Awful

Watch the Music Video for Ride of the Belkies

This Side of Awful is being released to you, the masses of the various intarwebs, for free. You think we're generous, but you also haven't heard the songs yet.

You can download each track individually, or a zip file of the entire album.
    Individual Tracks:
  1. Just Priceless
  2. Restorative
  3. Percussive
  4. The Davnesaur Polka
  5. The Worst Rock Song Ever
  6. An Experiment
  7. Ride of the Belkies
  8. The Song We Wrote Last Night (Das Ninja Turtles)
  9. Loud Guy on a Train, ft. 1337Band
  10. ("SECRET" SONG)
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