Happy Wednesday
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11/24/2008 - Thanks to everyone who came out and saw us at DaishoCon 2008 this last weekend! We really had a blast!

4/28/2008 - Happy Wednesday is proud to announce the release of "Live at No Brand Con 2008", our first live performance album. It's available for purchase, right now, in our online music store.

4/21/2008 - We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out and saw us at No Brand Con 2008, and that we're hard at work recording a new album with all the songs you liked. In the meantime, we have some (terribly recorded, but still awesome) live versions of His Tentacled Glory (Cthulhu Fhtagn) and SANDWICH! you can download on MP3 for free!

Happy Wednesday is an Eclectic Nerd Rock/NerdCore Band from Eau Claire, WI. A mix of geeky comedy and actual rock and roll, Happy Wednesday's shows are a unique experience.

Think of Happy Wednesday as halfway between 1337Band and To Slay Zombie Newton meets a terrible electronica artist. Sure, you've never heard of either of those bands, but that's not the point.

Or maybe it is. I'm not sure anymore.

Happy Wednesday is currently Trae Dorn (Vocals), Matt Biedermann (Guitar), Kevin Renstrom (Drums), and Katie Hatheway (Bass). You can find Happy Wednesday on MySpace and on Facebook.

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