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Band Bios

Trae Dorn
(Vocals/Electronic Mayhem)

Trae is not an android designed by a top secret Swedish government agency. Trae, no matter how many times he tells you he is, is NOT the secret king of Finland. Trae is not responsible for seventeen earthquakes in the last ten years, and Trae in no way caused Jason Newsted to leave Metallica.

Trae is, however, simultaneously from Milwaukee and Chicago, has provided occasional guest vocals for To Slay Zombie Newton in concert, hosts the occasional Cosplay Contest, and likes to do strange things with his voice for no apparent reason.

Matt Biedermann
(Guitar/Actual Musicianship)

Matt Biedermann was not raised on a farm by by a lovely couple of bears who lived in a hollowed out, gigantic oak tree. He did not receive a degree from Juilliard at the age of three, and is not trained to be a classical violin player. Matt is not well known in Finland for his style of dance, and Matt does not smell like a large gorilla.

Matt is, however, from Minnesota and is former rhythm guitarist for To Slay Zombie Newton - although the only known recordings show him on cowbell. It's also true that he learned to play bass in high school thinking it would get him into bands... and has subsequently only played guitar with other people.

Katie Hatheway

Katie Hatheway was not born in a future time and sent back to change what once went wrong, nor is she a robot assassin sent to protect and/or kill John and/or Sarah Connor. Katie Hatheway did not spend six months touring with Glenn Danzig, nor did she kill a man with just her pinky to win a bar bet in 2003.

Katie is, however, from Minnesota and plays Bass like... a bass player.

Kevin "Kivar" Renstrom

Kevin Renstrom may or may not be the legendary sorcerer "Kivar the Malificant" who was banished to this future time by the warrior god Chadrick. Kevin definitely though was not responsible for the stock market crash of 1929. Kevin in no way taught 4th grade for 22 years before retiring to upper Michigan.

Kevin is, however, from a farm somewhere in Wisconsin, is also the drummer for To Slay Zombie Newton, and likes his bacon in gigantic piles.

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